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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wilmington to Myrtle Beach

Mike- Saturday, Oct 20. NOW I know what its like to ride 97 miles into the wind!  wind was mild but out of the southwest for the entire trip from  Wilmington N C  to Myrtle Beach S C. I rode thru  Wilmington and took a 25 minute ferry ride form   Fort Fischer to a beautiful little fishing town of  Southport N C.. When I first started out in Wilmington, the Beach to Battleship Ironman and half  ironman triathalon was going by me in the opposite direction on their bikes!  Someone said there were over 3000 participants. I dont know if thats accurate or not, But I was motivated and pounded the first 20 miles pretty hard.  Then I calmed down and enjoyed the ride thru Carolina and Kure Beaches, including the Salty Paws Dog Festival, of all things! Tents set up and music for dogs and their owners! I also rode past a wedding on the beach at Fort Fisher before I got on the ferry.  Southport N C was really nice, at the mouth of the Cape Fear  River.  From there it went down hill, as the wind picked up and I got back into interstate speed traffic with very little shoulder room on route 17.  As I rolled into N Myrtle Beach it was a culture shock, as we are finally out of the laid back outer banks and fishing town coast, to the huge miniature golf courses, the 20 story hotels on the beach, the 10 story roller coaster, the strip clubs, the FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY freakin restaurants, and all the arcades.  We will take some time and enjoy it, however.
     Sunday Oct 21    We spent last night at a free campsite at Camping World because we have some motor home issues that we are going  to get straightened out on Monday morning. Beeping jack leveling device has been driving Pam whacko, thermostat in hot water tank, and problems with Invisibrake system for jeep are on the list.  Spent the day on the boardwalk, and hangin out at Landsharks Bar and Restaurant watching NFL on an outdoor screen.  Then we went to a Steeler Bar and watched Sunday Night  Football.  Steelers won. We are over Myrtle Beach.
     Monday Oct 22   I rode about 27 miles in two hours aroung some side roads in Myrtle while Pam sat at Camping World until 2 o'clock and got all that straightened out.. I shook out my legs a little and checked out a few campgrounds in the area.  We settled on a campground very close to Surf City S C.  We have a site right on the ocean, and we are with about 2000 of our closest friends at this huge campground with a  Holiday Rambler Convention. We did decide to stay one day and crash on the beach and enjoy the 80 degree weather tomorrow.

Deck in front of Landshark bar and giant ferris wheel

View from the Southport N C ferry below Wilmington N C

The palm trees and spanish moss started in S Carolina. I'm still getting used to that!

Big buildings and planes crashing in to golf courses are common sights in Myrtle Beach

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