Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Pam - In Mike's previous posting, he told you a little about our days in Charleston, but he wanted me to tell you more about it.  My guess is that he figures that I will remember more.... little does he know! 
Thursday -
When we got in town, we parked the jeep and decided to walk everywhere - good idea!  Loaded with maps, off we went.  The first thing was to make reservations for the harbor tour and then we headed for the City Market.  What a cool place!  Many sweet grass basket makers, craftsmen, and everything else.  Had lunch there - red rice, collards and sweet tea!  Aren't we Southern?!  Next we hiked down to the docks to meet our boat for the 90 minute harbor tour.  While we were waiting to board, we got a peek at our "friend Sandy" (you know, the tropical storm on the horizon?)  Wind was whipping around, waves were cranking and our boat was bobbing up and down.  I was just a little worried about sickness, but it worked out well.  We sat up on the upper deck (wind in my face) and we had an excellent captain/tour guide!  I strongly recommend this trip, he pointed out many points of interest both on land and on the water (including dolphins) and told little stories about the Revolutionary war and the "war of Northern Aggression"!  It gave us ideas of where we wanted to go check out after we docked.

After we docked, we hiked all over the town checking out the homes, buildings and churches.  We then went to The Battery to look at the cannons (and the HUGE monument dedicated to the Confederate soldiers!)  Sandy was splashing a few waves up over the sea wall there. 

By this time, I was getting hungry and we found the coolest restaurant where we could eat outside on the street, drink their own crafted beer and THE BEST steamed oysters!  We later went to a rooftop bar for a drink.  Turns out our bartender lived in Monroeville as a young kid! 

Friday - We started the day at Boone Hall Plantation - it's still working!  What a worthwhile trip!  As we pulled up the drive, it was lined with Live Oak (that's its name) with Spanish moss hanging all over it.  We toured the plantation house, took a tram tour of the plantation - they still grow vegetables and fruit - toured the slave quarters (it hurt my soul) and attended the most marvelous Gullah !  presentation!  Oh!  I forgot, we also saw a HUGE copperhead snake (thick as my forearm) - our tram ran it over.  YEA!!!  Our guide said "Oh yeah, we gots lotsa poisonous snakes here - copperheads, two types of rattlesnakes and coral snakes!  When I worked in the fields as a young boy, I keeps my eyes open!"  Needless to say, my eyes were on the ground the rest of the day!! 

Roadway lined by Spanish moss draped Live Oaks. 
Picture doesn't do it justice!  It was right out of Gone With The Wind!

Gullah life presentation
Can you find Mike in the giant Live Oak?

How about now?!

After leaving Boone Hall we went directly to their roadside stand to pick up some fresh veggies (I finally get to eat some homegrown tomatoes!!  I so missed them this summer!)  Then we were off to the Isle of Palms and Sullivan Island.  We were too late to tour the fort located there, but we were able to walk around it.  We also were by the waters edge when a big container freighter went by.

On Sullivan Island as a big freighter comes into the harbor.

Finally, I was hungry again and we ate at Buddy Roe's Shrimp Shack!  My boy has more bars in the South!!!  I had green fried tomatoes, that was a first!

Not much to say except they had really good food!

Saturday - The day Sandy came to town!  It rained much of the day and the wind wasn't as bad as we anticipated.  I got some work down in the motor home and spent alot of time on the computer (didn't get alot accomplished, but I spent time on it!!!)  Oh, and spent alot of time watching the Weather Channel, worrying about our trailer in Rodanthe NC! 

Oh well, time to wrap it up because tomorrow is another day of packing up and moving on down the highway.  We are heading to Hunting Island State Park which is just southeast of Beaufort SC.  Bye for now!

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