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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just wandering around Quartzsite...... March 1-3

These days were just days where we did some wandering/exploring around the BLM land and the town of Quartzsite.  I'm going to just let the pictures tell the story.

March 1
We visited the pyramid at Hi Jolly cemetery 
On the top of the pyramid is a camel.....
And this is the story of Hi Jolly

Part of the cemetery is very old and graves are covered with rocks.  Look at the wooden "tombstone"

This is a "newer" grave with concrete on top, but it too has a wooden tombstone

All around Quartzsite there are camel statues, pictures, etc.  Now you know the story about the camels in Arizona!

Looking down the road in Quartzsite

All the roads that meet in Quartzsite.  Note US and Arizona 95!

After a hard day of "touring" we had supper at Silly Al's.  Pizza, beer and music....what more can you ask for?

March 2 - So we start our nice drive thru the desert to go find some petroglyphs and what do I see in the middle of the "road"??

This is a western diamondback rattler with a coon tail.  He was stretched out and didn't want to move!  We have been told that the snakes are coming out early due to the early hot weather.  We think he was just coming out of hibernation since he was sluggish.  He eventually continued on his merry way!  By the way, he was about 4 feet long.

But we did find the petroglyphs.  There were some rocky cliffs alongside a wash and that's where we found them.

It's not a very large rocky area but it had alot of petroglyphs

Take a really good look at this picture and you can see alot of drawings.

We also found where the women would grind their seeds and corn

Mike found great humor in this advertisement!

And this one too!  These are real businesses in Quartzsite!!

Campfire out in the desert

We had a beautiful view of the mountains and the sunsets were spectacular!

March 3

This road is a giant flea market!  Everything you could possibly want, they have!

Lots of places just sold rocks

Bike got to rest on our bed when we closed up and move to Solar Bill's for the night.  We spent the night in their parking lot so they could get an early start in the morning on installing our new solar panels.

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