Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exploring Tucson by bicycle March 16

44 miles in 3:40.....Happy 30th Birthday to my youngest daughter, Andi Beth Barrett! March 16, 2014.
I wanted to get out and shake out the legs some on a Sunday, when downtown traffic would be light. First, I went looking for a mass, and I found one of the most unique ones I've ever been to. As I looked for the church, I came to detours that were set up for a bicycle race that was going on in the west foothills of Tuscon. It turned out to be the third stage of the 28 th annual Tuscon Bicycle  Classic with $7800.00 in prize money at stake. As I tried to get around the detours, I saw the peloton go flying by, and saw racers of all abilities. I didn't have any desire to be in that peloton, with still tired legs underneath me after my 112 miler two days ago. 
Once I got to the church, I was late, but pleasantly surprised that it was a mariachi mass, with a mariachi band in full dress, consisting of four violins, a trumpet and two guitars. They were outstanding, and they didn't hold anything back because it was a small church. They rocked the place, but it seemed that everyone was used to it. For me, it was a classic, one of a kind experience. 
I finally got on my bike about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and headed downhill on AZ 86, now called Ajo Way, into downtown Tuscon. I cruised around for a while, before heading for the University of Arizona campus. I found a huge event going on, on the main drag, called the University Mall, the Tuscon Book Festival. It is the fourth biggest book festival in the country, and over 100,000 people attended over two days. Books, food, book signings and talks by authors, were occurring under big white tents over about a half mile long. Very near there, was the football, basketball, and other sport venues, which I was more interested in. 
After checking out U. Of A., I headed south into south Tuscon, a more business oriented area, and headed back up Ajo Way to check out the Tuscon Mountain Park, which Pam and I may check out by Jeep tomorrow. I found a back way home, and started to put a mental map of this area together. It is not the easiest place to figure out, because of the huge  mountains, the Santa Cruz River, which had a bike path that I was on for a while, and other topographical conundrums. Tuscon is in a valley, and if I get a few more rides in, I will have it figured out.

Standing on top of the hill, looking down at our BLM campsite.  Pretty private isn't it?!

Painting on wall

Another painting on the wall

Arizona's football stadium

Their basketball arena

Student entrance

Cactus blooming

Front of the Pike House - Mike was in the same fraternity at WVU

With its fancy door!  Don't have one of those at WVU!

All the fraternities have a big wall around their houses with the Greek letters on the wall

Tucson book festival

This little guy visited me as I sat out at our BLM campsite!

For those of you that don't know, he's a road runner!

And he is fast!

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