Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Jay Leno Show January 14

Jan.14.....Pam and I drove to Burbank and we were there before 10:30am to sit in line for the Leno Show. They give you numbers and let you sit in a staging area on Bob Hope Drive, under some nice, big shade trees. The temperature was about 85 degrees, (but it was a dry heat). I walked around for a while in Johnny Carson Park, which was right across the street.  At 11:30 I walked down the street and picked up lunch from a truck, that was one of four that park every day next to a very big office building. At two o'clock, we are lined up by number, and moved to another holding area next to Studio 11, where the show is shot. Here, we got the rules explained to pictures, no heckling, be enthusiastic, clap and laugh loudly, etc.  We sat there until about 3:15, before we were taken into the set, and given a specific seat assignment.  We were number 10 and 11 in line, so we got to sit in the three rows of seats that were on the floor, right up front. Most of the other floor seats were for the handicapped, and for VIP's that were escorted in through a different door. They had a connection, and didn't have to wait in line. The people on the floor got to go up at the beginning of the show and shake Leno's hand. That is where I became nationally famous, as I got some really good face time, and Pam got some, but was unfortunately a little more obscured because she's not as tall. After a little pre show chat with the audience and some pictures dressed in his blue jeans, Jay Leno went back to get dressed, and the band played and the cameras all moved in front of us. A guy entertained us, got everyone clapping to the music, gave out some t shirts and told some jokes. When the show began, Leno did the monologue, which was pretty good, and a segment called Photo Booth, where people go into a photo booth for a picture, and the booth 'talks' to them. It was funny. The Matt Damon (with a broken collar bone from mountain biking), and Larry the Cable Guy were guests on the show. Cameras and some guys partially blocked Pam's view, but she got to see Matt Damon, and Larry the Cable Guy was blocked mostly. I could see it all. During commercials people came out and combed Leno's hair and talked to the guests while Leno remained mostly quiet and focused for the next segment. Chris Isaak ended the show by singing 'Wicked Game', a song I really like. He was dressed like Buck Owens, in a sparkly suit, and sounded good. After the show, they taped a commercial to be shown before the show, with all the guests, and another segment that they were going to dub in somehow.
The show was very interesting to see, and to learn of all that goes on behind the scenes. Afterwards, we got out at about 5:30, which is major traffic time in LA, so we decided to walk a block or so to Michaels Bar and Grill, and have happy hour, with half priced appetizers, until about seven, when traffic was smoother sailing. As we were leaving the studio parking lot, a black Escalade pulled out, with Matt Damon in the passenger seat!  A bunch of autograph hounds ran up to him and he spent a good 20 minutes signing.  Mike wiggled into the crowd and took a picture for me!

Studio 11 at the Burbank Studios

The first 20ish people in line!

Our "number tickets" !

Because there are no cameras allowed in the studio, they have this "picture" outside so you can "pose" with Jay Leno!  I am not joking!!!

Matt Damon getting swamped by his fans!  I behaved myself, but he is so cute and so nice!

Some friends took the following pictures of us becoming famous!!  Here Scotty is pointing out Mike! 

Zach and Isaac pointing at ME!  Oh, and that's Mike in white!!

Yep, that's us sitting down!  Thanks guys for pointing us out!

This is the opening of the Leno show so you can see Mike and a little of Pam as we become famous!  Mike's in a white shirt and Pam is in an orange blouse.  Enjoy!

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