Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Equestfest and Bandfest in Pasedena December 29-30

Dec.29....We got to sleep a little bit before busing out to Pasadena at 8:45. We attended the Rose Parade Equestrian Festival, which featured all the horses that will march in the parade. It was not the highlight of all the activities associated the Rose Parade for us, but another experience that rounds out the whole shooting match. We were in a famous venue, Buddy and I strolled on Riverside Drive and Alameda Blvd, and we saw some spectacular horsemanship, that we probably don't have the proper appreciation for. We sat in VIP seats ( seats with arms and a back), and saw the finest show horses from around the continent as well as some great lasso work by some Mexican cowboys, and trick riding by the All American Cowgirl Chicks. The Wells Fargo Stage Coach Team, and the Budweiser Clydesdales were there. The Budweiser team was the 'A' team, performed and then were leaving for a 'secret' location to film the new Super Bowl commercial. There was also a lot of flag waving and a midget clown with a tiny horse. Our bus then had to leave before we could go to the barns to 'meet and greet' all the horses. We got back to the Valencia Travel Park, and had a catered Mexican dinner, that actually was pretty good as far as Mexican food goes with the Roses. After eating, Buddy went to a 'jump house,' and got his workout by jumping on trampolines for two hours. That is something that is right up his alley. It's a great workout, but hasn't made it out of the great state of California that we know about.

A view of the Rose Bowl from our bus window

Colorado Blvd is where we will watch the Rose Parade

Entrance to the LA Equestrian Center

Mike had to take of picture of this sign.

Before the horse show started, we had live entertainment

Wells Fargo rig 

Medieval Times performers

Rodeo clown with his little horse

This stunt rider was incredible!

She's on two horses.....

Now three......

And then five!!!!

One of her team mates

The Budweiser team enters the ring!

After the Rose Parade, this team and drivers are going off to make the Super Bowl commercial!

Mike and Buddy took a road trip to see the Paul Walker memorial.  Our campground is only a few miles away from where he died.

Dec. 30....Today we caught a 7AM bus and traveled to Pasadena City College, where Jackie Robinson played college football, for one of the three band shows at the football stadium. One third of the bands played yesterday, and one third will play in the afternoon after we leave, but we saw 6-8 bands that were outstanding. We saw the Pasadena City College Honor Band, and the only marching band in the state of Alaska. A band from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA featured about 20 bagpipes, and contest bands from Indiana, Tennessee,  and Texas were absolutely fantastic. Some of the bands had over 400 members, and they are really the cream of the crop if they are in the Rose Parade. The sun was intense, and the weather approached 80 degrees on an absolutely beautiful day. They are approaching record setting warmth out here, and I'm not complaining a bit. 
We had about an hour to kill before the bands started after we arrived, so Buddy went out and ran a few miles along the parade route to get in his running workout. After the show was over, we went to the Huntington Library and Botanical Garden, in downtown Pasadena. Their claim to fame is that they are the home of the paintings 'Blueboy' and 'Pinky', which we viewed, as well as many other paintings of people that lived 3-500 years ago. We wandered Japanese and Chinese gardens, viewed some real old furniture and pottery, and did some rock viewing, which was pretty bizarre. It consisted of looking at some rocks and gems such as jade, and using our imaginations to see what they represented. I was tolerant but these California people find strange ways to pass their time. Pam enjoyed the last two days immensely, but the force fed culture that I was exposed to didn't really take hold. Overall, it was nice because the three of us were together in Southern California, doing something besides working and being cold like the rest of y'all.
The evening was spend relaxing, except for Buddy, who went off to LA Fitness to workout.

Swimming pool at Pasadena City College

Bleachers set up along Colorado Blvd, ready for the big parade

Another view of the big bleachers

The red line that is painted down the middle of the parade route.  The float spotter guides the driver down the red line so the float doesn't wander around the road!

Pasadena City College's Jackie Robinson Stadium

Pasadena City College Honor Band

Rose Parade drum head

This girl was awesome! And her outfit was beautiful with the embroidered roses and leaves

Honor Band on review

Rose Parade Heralds - they march in front of the Queen's float and announce her arrival

This band had 4 acrobats performing with them!

Japanese gardens at the Huntington Library

Trying to figure out where we were and where we were going!

Pretty flowers

The famous "Blue Boy"


Big grassy area with lots of statues

Posing with the fountain

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