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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Turkey Week in Santa Maria Pines November 26 - December 1

November 26-December 1....(31.23 in 2:44) it seemed like Pam was busy all week doing something, but I joined the main industry in the area, and became a vegetable. My week went something like this: Tuesday (26th) went grocery shopping with Pam to fill the pantry with all the things we've been running out of, and walked around the campground a little bit. Pam never stopped cleaning and putting groceries away.
Wednesday (27th) Pam and I went for a ten mile bike ride around a residential area, and on a bike path near the campground. 
Thanksgiving. Pam cooked enough food for an army, but there were only two of us. Leftovers are a wonderful thing. I was going to do the dishes, but Pam was on a roll......
Friday(29th) Black Friday.  I sat around and grazed on leftovers all day, then we braved traffic to go to Macy's and the mall, where Pam did some token shopping, but we mostly strolled around.
Saturday (30th) I started growing roots on the couch watching a great slate of football games on rivalry weekend( what about that Auburn-Alabama game!) Pam went out and bought some Christmas decorations and slowly started to decorate around the RV. 
Sunday (  December 1) I went to church, Pam went for a ten mile bike ride on the trail. We then Jeeped over to the Guadalupe Napoma Dunes Recreation Area and walked on the beach on a beautiful day ( it's been in the 70's every day) and checked out a little museum in Guadalupe. The dunes we walked on were the very same ones where Cecil B. DeMille filmed the original version of the movie, The Ten Commandments. The set from the movie was plowed over and buried in the sand in 1923, and now they are talking about excavating the set, and expanding the museum we saw, which had artifacts already found, from the movie.

Sunset from our campground in Santa Maria, CA

Roasted turkey breast

All the sides! No room on the table for all of this!

We are in California!  Love the palm trees, sunshine and blue skies!

Yes, this is a poinsettia tree in a front yard!

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