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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Day at the San Diego Zoo!! December 11

Dec. 11 -  Today was our day to take a road trip to the San Diego Zoo (at the recommendation of our son).  This is the most AWESOME zoo ever!!  If you ever get to San Diego, you have to see this zoo.  Here are pictures of some of the animals that we saw..... Enjoy your trip to the zoo!!!

This pond was alive with the color of flamingos!

This guy posed so we could see his beautiful beak

We think this was a young one who was starting to turn pink

Their heads are actually under water drinking.  They turn their heads upside down to drink!


Tasmanian Devil

Australian Rainbow Lorikeet

The koalas were so cute!  And they had heaters up in their trees to keep them warm!

Red Kangaroo

Southern Ground Hornbill

Masai Giraffe
This lady is very pregnant - in fact she was due to deliver any minute!

Who me???

This is Penelope - she was born in May 2013!  (Quit laughing Daddy!  Penelope is my sister's name!)
This is the big male in the herd

Nubian Soemmerring's Gazelle

Spotted Hyena

Debrazza Guenon (a kind of monkey!)

Kikuyu Colobus - another type of monkey

Andean Bear

This guy was showing off and eating the plant.

Bornean Sun Bear

Lion-tailed Macaque

Amur Leopard

Mountain Lion or Puma

Jaguar - Black

Snow Leopard

Sudanese Striped Hyena

Bateleur Eagle

Southwest African Meerkat

Yuk!  Rattlesnake!


Indian elephant - they have the "little" ears

African elephant - they have the big ears

Secretary Bird

Capybara - they look like giant hamsters

Female lion

Never knew they had a spray range!

Ant Eater

Maned "wolf" that really isn't a wolf

Southern Gerenuk - we caught these two in the act of munching on the branches!

Lesser Kudu

Mike chilling with the polar bear

We got there when the polar bears were snoozing instead of playing!

It's a rough life being a polar bear!!!

Siberian Reindeer - just waiting for Santa to come for him!

Arctic Fox

Eurasian  Wigeon

Harlequin Duck

How cool is this duck?!


Steller's Sea Eagles - The bald eagle's closest cousin

Andean Condors

Red Panda

The following are "the" famous pandas at the San Diego Zoo!  This is Xiao Liwn

This is Gao Gao

Schmidt's Red-tailed Monkey

Allen's Swamp Monkey

Forest Buffalo

Red River Hog

Looking into the hippo tank!  What til you see the video!!!

Black Duiker

Malayan Tapir

Yuk!  Burmese Python

Fishing Cat - no lie, his real name!

Cardinal Lory

Turtles swimming in the tank

Gharial - they look like alligators with skinny snouts

This is Mike at the 4-D movie


A face only his mother could love!!!

They are all decorated for Christmas

This guy was swimming laps around the other hippo that was standing on a rock.

And now you have toured the San Diego Zoo!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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