Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Stones are not playing in Seattle anymore Sept 4-5

Sept 4 and 5.... The blog about my biking adventures has been temporarily suspended due to lack of interest. I have no interest in riding a bike right now because I have two stents between my two kidneys and my bladder. That may be more than you want to know, but it is relatively painful, and I don't get them removed until Monday, so we are going to do some more time in the Seattle area. Wednesday, Sept 4 was spent at Pacific Providence Hospital, even though the actual surgery did not occur until almost 5oclock. I was the last guy in, and they were way behind schedule anyhow. Then, because of my chronic dehydrated state, they couldn't get a needle in me. They poked around for a while, and finally got it in where I told them to stick me in the first place. They have their reasons for sticking needles where THEY want, and it doesn't work on me. After a blown out left wrist vein, and after they hit an artery instead of a vein in my right wrist, they finally stuck it in my elbow, which is what I told them to do an hour before. Anyhow, it wasn't as bad as it sounds, and a very good doctor used a laser and played 'asteroids' ( an old video game for those too old or young to know) and blew up many kidney stones inside both kidneys, hopefully ridding me of them for life..... Or not.
On Sept 5, our free stay at the Tulalip Casino was over, so we moved up the road ten miles to another casino, The Angel in the Winds, where we could plug into electric for 15 bucks a night. Pam had to fill up with water, diesel, and dump grey and black water, while all I can do is pee red water. She has been great, doing everything and taking care of me, like the invalid that I am right now. In the evening I sat and watched the NFL opener while she finally got to go out and do something she wanted. As I blog, she is over in the casino winning tons of money. I'm sure she will fill you in shortly, as long as the IRS isn't reading this!
Well, it wasn't tons of money, but it was money, and it was all from penny slots!  I'm not a big gambler!!

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