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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Say it isn't so!!! Sept 10 - 13

Well, this is Pam blogging this time because Mike just can't bring himself to do it!  His last entry was about Monday being the day he got the stents removed and going for a lovely bike ride.  Well, by 11pm, he was in agony.  It was a long, painful night, and being the stubborn man that he is, he wouldn't let me take him to the emergency room.  Tuesday morning, I called the doctor's office and they had me take him into their office where he received a lovely shot of pain medicine so I could take him to get a CT scan.  Well, lo and behold, he now had 3 stones working their way down from the left kidney!!  Even the doctor was just shaking his head!  After discussing various options (including "let's see if the stones will eventually work their way out, but Mike you will be in hell for an indefinite time"), we opted for another cystoscopy, which means the doctor will go in and remove the stones.

Wednesday - What we haven't been mentioning is what we have been doing about camping.  Last week, we moved a little up the road to a casino named Angel of the Winds, which had an inexpensive campground with electric for us to use.  They do limit the time that you may stay, but after we got the bad news on Tuesday, I went an spoke with a manager, and they are allowing us to stay an extra week due to Mike's surgery!  These people are the nicest, friendliest, most compassionate people!   Surgery was scheduled for 3:30 and it did start on time.  3.5 hours later, surgery was over!!!  It was only supposed to last 1-1.5 hrs, but the doctor pulled out all the stops - he "basketed" the 3 stones (pulled them out), lasered what he could in the kidney and then did an ESWL (fancy for high ultrasound that breaks up the stones) on both kidneys!  Doctor Bardin wanted to make sure he got everything!

Thursday - Not a bad day, Mike got to go to the laundromat with me and just rested most of the day.  We did go over to the casino lounge to watch a football game on the TV.  While we were there, they had karaoke night which was a hot activity for the senior citizens!

At karaoke they had fake instruments so you could come up and pretend you were playing!

She left her walker at the table and used her cane to come up and sing!  No lie!!

Friday - Lazy day, foggy, overcast and the cold is starting to settle in.  All we can do now is wait until Monday for the next x-ray and for the stent to be removed.

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