Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bicycling from Brunswick, GA to North Jacksonville, Florida (Dec. 3)

54.22 miles in 4:12....(518.6 total miles this trip)....We awoke this morning to 100% humidity and some serious fog, with temps in the high 50's. I didn't get rolling till after 10:30, with my new LED tail light flashing, because of the visibility. It was a cool start, because I dressed for the 75 degree day that I hoped it would turn into. The entire trip would once again be on US17, and the whole length of the road was pretty sweet for biking. Pavement smooth, nice clean shoulder, and minimal traffic. The surface was brand new once I crossed into Florida, which was good for an extra mile or two an hour, on tired legs. A large proportion of the traffic in Georgia were logging  trucks, either fully loaded or empty, always moving fast, but never a problem. I actually enjoyed the slipstream they created as they blew by. Georgia was more rural, and as I got into Florida, traffic picked as I approached Jacksonville, but the logging trucks disappeared. I passed through only three medium sized towns, Woodbine and Kingsland, Georgia, and Yulee, Florida. There were several more rivers to cross, some marshlands also, but the road was straight as a arrow for 55 miles, usually lined with tall pines, keeping much of the sun off of me. The fog lasted till noon, so I'm not exactly getting sunburned down here. I saw a huge dead turtle on the side of the road, and it's leg was a big and powerful looking as the leg on a twenty pound thanksgiving turkey. I forgot to mention that yesterday's dead animal was a wild boar. It was pretty mangled, pretty big, and identifiable only by its two big teeth the boars have. We pulled into the Pecan Park Campground, in N. Jacksonville, which is another repeat from our previous trip, only this time, we saved some money because of our Passport America membership, which we hadn't bought yet last time. We know so much more now than two years ago.

Starting off in the morning fog

Bike route 95 goes from South Carolina to the Florida border

There was fungus among us along US 17

The plantations around here were from the 1700's and were rice plantations.  Palmettos surround the sign

One of the 3 towns along US 17 on this stretch

No fog in Florida!  And the sun pops out!

The bridge on the Georgia-Florida border

Northern Jacksonville is pretty sparsely populated

My kind of place!  No dress code!

Campsite at the Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville

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