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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

A day touring Savannah with friends (December 1)

We actually spent two days in Savannah with Charlie and Susan Watson. Sunday, was a laid back day. The highlight was watching the Steeler game at Tailgators Sports Bar. All I'm gonna say is that the Steelers lost and I was reduced to wearing a cheese head that a Green Bay Packer fan let me try on.

No comment needed!!!!

Sunday night, John and Sylvia Willis pulled in to the Savannah Oaks Campground, and we made plans for the six of us to catch a tour bus at 9 am, ride into Historical Savannah, take a 1.5 hour tour of the city, then decide where to go from there. 
We did the narrated tour, and learned a lot of history. Such as, Savannah was designed to have 26 green spaces, or parks, interspersed throughout the original city. 24 parks still survive, each with monuments, park benches, beautiful landscaping, and historical buildings, including churches, surrounding them. Just about every street is canopied with live oaks, dripping with Spanish moss( which is neither Spanish, nor moss, but an air plant that just hangs in the trees). The original charter of the city forbade liquor, slavery, lawyers and Catholics. Needless to say, all those things changed pretty quickly, and three out of the four are very much present today. One of the tour bus drivers referred to the slavery trade that eventually came to Savannah as dealing in ' kidnapped Africans,' which was a unique way of stating his opinion. The history of the town is too much to get into in this forum, but believe me, it's all very interesting to this northerner.
After the bus tour, we had lunch at a family style restaurant, Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, which had the only waiting line out the door in all of Savannah, but it was very much worth the twenty minute wait.  We sat at tables of ten people, that already had over twenty delicious dishes on the table when you sat down. From there, you just pass the bowls around, and everyone takes what they want, with each dish being bottomless. I thought my stomach was bottomless too, but I did get my money's worth, of some of the best southern food I've ever eaten. Then, we each had to take our dirty dishes to the dishwasher room, just like a boarder would do. Fantastic. 
Then we walked the city, and ended up on the Riverwalk, spending the rest of our time strolling, and taking all the free candy samples that the stores would give us, until it was time to catch the bus back to the campground.

So here is a lot of pictures from our day of sight seeing!
Susan and Charlie in the Old Town trolley tour

Looking at one of the 24 surviving parks

Looking down one of the tree lined streets in Savannah

Another park with a monument in the center

Carriage tour going by

Another tree lined street, looking down at the large fountain

Some of the beautiful architecture

Spanish moss

Old movie theatre that has been taken over by SCAD, a large art school

Love the bike route signs!!!

Statue of  girl waving to the ships off shore, looking for her love who never returned

Tallest steeple in town!

Beautiful walkway behind a house

Waiting in line for lunch at Mrs. Wilkes!

And it was worth it!!!!!
And Susan says, "what do I want to eat next??!!"

St. John's Catholic Church

Posing for a photo at the entrance to the cemetery

Taffy making - and he gave samples too!!

"Honest I've been good Santa!"

Ship at dock down by the river walk/factor's walk

Stopping for a beer in an Irish pub.  The wall is original from the cotton warehouses

Walking up the old steps from river level to street level

A movie was being shot in Savannah and this is the actors staring off in the sky at ?????

Revolutionary statue

Hair wreath - YUK!

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