Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Travel Day November 19

Nov 19 - Today was a travel day for us as we moved from Montery Bay to Morro Bay.  Mike rode with me in the motorhome today, and when he is ready to resume his riding, I will drive him back to twisty, turning, climbing Hwy 1 where I picked him up the other night!  Nothing very exciting happened today (which is good when it's a driving day!), but after we settled in, we did go for a walk on the beach and looked at the famous Morro Rock which is a volcanic cap - looked like a mini mountain to me!  We also got to see sea otters playing in Morro Bay.

El Camino Real Bell - the bells were placed along the El Camino Real (old famous road built by the Spanish king to connect the 20+ missions that were built in California) to mark the trail

Morro Rock

The tide was going out and these little guys and the seagulls were having a hay day!

Big rock out in the water that was covered with birds

Sorry these pictures aren't better, but the sun was going down, but it is a sea otter floating on his back

Doing the back float

As the tide went out, these red starfish were exposed

Mike with his kelp - that's some serious seaweed!

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