Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Elkton Oregon to Coos Bay Oregon October 12

Oct.12......61.41  in 5:11 Once again, for the second day in a row, the morning sun was shining and creating an illusion, as to what the day would bring. Yesterday, I started in biking shorts, and put on the long pants when I realized I needed them. Today, there was no fooling me. It was 50 degrees, and the north wind, which would be my tailwind at times, was downright cold. I started in the rain gear. I rode on OR38, or the Umpqua Scenic Byway, for about an hour before the rain started. It didn't stop for two hours, but due to the new gear, I was pretty comfortable. The Umpqua Byway took me about 36 miles, to Reedsport, on US101. It was scenic, going through some farmland, mainly featuring sheep, and some thick forests, sometimes with the road so canopied that rain didn't make it to the ground. I followed the Umpqua River all the way to Reedsport, or the coast. It started by our campground, wide but shallow, with rapids and rocks, and gradually grew two or three times wide, and very deep. I saw very few fishermen on this day, none where the water was deepest. As the river rolled along, the cliffs on the other side of the road became higher and steeper, with huge pine trees growing on top and out of the rocks. Water was beginning to pour off the hills, and the waterfalls got louder as the rain continued. Traffic was very reasonable, with few trucks, mostly toy haulers, trailers with ATVs on them, and Rv's mixed in with some cars. I could tell it was the weekend and I was getting closer to the Oregon Dunes of the coast.
As I rolled into Reedsport, I could see some blue skies sneaking into the picture. I stopped at a 7/11 to grab lunch, but decided not to peel layers off just yet. US101 became very rolling, with constant up or downs, as I paralleled the Oregon Dunes on my right all the way to North Bend/Coos Bay. I never saw the Pacific Ocean on the entire ride. I did see lakes, some pretty big, on both sides of the road, which seemed weird, being so close to the coast, but elevated 2-300 feet. I heard the sounds of motorcycles and ATVs quite often, off in the sand dunes, even though I actually saw very few because of the 100-200 foot layer of pine trees between the dunes and the road.
The sun began to take its toll as I rode south, and the temperature may have touched 60. I stopped and took off the long pants about 10-15 miles from home. 101 was similar to OR 38 in that the shoulder continues to be sufficient, and traffic is light this time of year. As I left the Oregon Dunes Recreation Area,  I came to a large inlet with a pretty big bridge entering North Bend/Coos Bay. I rode through North Bend, and was surprised to come quickly upon The Mill Casino, where Pam had set up camp. After getting a long, hot shower, we had dinner at the restaurant in the casino. Owned by the Coos Indians, it seemed to be about the smallest, least busy of the casinos where we have camped. I came home to watch some football, and Pam did her best to donate to the profit margin of the Coos Tribe, on the penny slots.  Hey!  I won $31!!!  Big bucks!

There are quite a few vineyards in Oregon

Even though autumn has arrived, there are still flowers blooming!

There are tons of these signs out here.  Really makes you feel safe (especially in a motorhome!)

Approaching another bridge - this one is very narrow with no shoulder

There was a stretch of OR38 that had big elk presence.  There were  2 major herds, the first one had this big guy chilling out with his herd of lovely ladies.

This guy was with the second herd...

this was a herd of all males.  The sign at the viewing stand said that the rutting season is in September, and after it ends, the females boot the males out of the herd!  The males all band together for the winter.

The next few pictures are from the Oregon Dunes

We had to travel over this two lane bridge - not so bad in the motorhome!  But Mike had to turn on the bike light sign and off he road!

Stopped on the bridge for a quick picture!

Looking from our bridge over to the railroad bridge.

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