Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 10, Back in Flagstaff

We spent nine days in Pittsburgh taking care of family affairs. My mom is at peace, and all the stuff I could do regarding her estate is done. We got to meet our grandson, Chase, age four weeks, for the first time. We spent some quality time with the kids and grand kids. As we spent time, both happy and sad, in the Pittsburgh area, Pam and I both decided that we didn't miss it there. It was great to see family, as they are the reason we live for, but speaking for myself, it was time to get back on the road.

Big brother, Carter and little brother Chase

The whole family spent an evening at Wheeling Park.  We had a picnic and then spent hours on the playground while Carter tried everything on the playground and Chase slept!  We had a wonderful time!
Buddy, Jamie, Andi, Carter, Pam, Mike and Chase snoozing!  Poor son-in-law, Ben was stuck behind the camera!  But we still love him!!

We caught a plane around noon, Monday, and we were back in Phoenix by 4:00. Buddy dropped us off at the airport, as the humidity and rain showers hovered in the area. The first rain Pam and I have seen since we were at Mardi Gras in February still didn't make us long to stay home. When we landed in Phoenix, it was 108 degrees with 7% humidity. That's more like it! Not really. It was pretty hot. We had to walk about a mile in the sun, with our baggage, because there was a bomb scare on a plane from LA to Austin Texas, that landed in Phoenix, and shut half the airport down. At least they let us out of there once we got to the Jeep. We actually drove pretty close to the plane in question as we rolled out of there. We learned later that there was another plane where they couldn't get the doors open, and people were trapped inside with no AC. I'd rather walk a mile on hot asphalt than be stuck on a plane for a couple hours in 108 degree weather.
On the way home, we took pictures of the big cacti that are pretty unique to the southern Arizona desert, and stopped in Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Brewery for supper. When we got back to the RV, just after dark, we discovered problems. Our batteries were dead because we ran the fridge on them for nine days. They must have just died because all the stuff in the fridge, including ice cream, was still frozen. We pulled the RV out of the storage area, and plugged it in to charge the coach batteries, and the electricity wouldn't come on in the motor home. After some cussing and trouble shooting, we discovered that the site didn't have electricity on the pole. We looked around until we found a good site, moved the RV, and an exhausting day came to a merciful end.

Garden at the Phoenix airport 

Hiking to the parking lot, Mike had to check out the cactus to see if it was sharp!

Driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Mike started snapping pictures of the huge cactus (I guess it is cacti) along side the road.  Look at the hillside, it's covered!

I felt like I was in a western movie!

Those aren't poles sticking upon the hill, they are cacti!

Welcome back to the desert!  It's a forest of cacti!

This is what the desert really looks like, I expected it to be all sand, but it does have plants.

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