Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hagerstown, MD to Leesburg, VA (June 29)

65.5 miles......clock didn't get turned off so I have no idea how long it took.  I spent a day hanging out in Hagerstown with my oldest daughter and her family, which was the purpose of this leg of the trip. It would always be nice to stay longer, but just like when I stayed at Andi's, it was a one day stopover.
On Sunday, I got a late start, but that was okay because the days ride was relatively short, and I didn't want to beat my legs too badly. It was twelve miles south from Jamie's house to the C & O Canal Towpath, which I followed for 45 miles. The C&O is part of the bike trail from Pittsburgh to Washington DC that I would have followed if I didn't go north from Pittsburgh to Andi's in Franklin. It wouldn't have been much of an adventure, riding a trail, and I'm glad I took to scenic route. The towpath started out rather desolately, even though there were riders out for their Sunday afternoon. Once I neared Shepardstown, West Virginia, the trail became a regular playground, with families of bikers and walkers amongst the workout riders and runners. I was uncharacteristically polite, and had a smile for each and everyone of the people who got in my way, but at least it wasn't as boring. I was tempted to use my bear spray on a couple of them, but I understood that I was in their playground, they weren't in mine. The stretch between Shepardstown and Harper's Ferry was particularly crowded, as it followed the Potomac River, which went from being serene and kayakable, to rocky and tube-able by what seemed like thousands of people. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and their were rafting companies busing people to the hot spots so they could float down the river. It was fun to watch as I rode, and I was sort of jealous. 
I got off the trail at White's Ferry, as I needed to cross the river to get to Leesburg. It was a neat little ferry ride, reminiscent of the old ferry that crossed the river in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. From the ferry ride, it was only five miles into Leesburg, where I hooked up on a bike path for the ride to the cheapest motel in Leesburg, which was still the most expensive motel of the trip, the Days Inn. I ate at a Wendy 's and stopped at an Irish Pub for a drink as I walked around town, loosening up the legs, that hadn't let me down yet.

Mycicle Bycicle having a "Field of Dreams" moment

Riding through a very historical area in "War of Southern Arrogance" (civil war)

Taylors Landing - entering the C & O Canal Towpath

Towpath trail

First lock that I came to

Potomac River

One of many camping areas along the towpath

Trail rode along wall of another lock

Picture from "in the canal"

Hewn out cave near canal
Potomac widened and became rocky and shallow

Looks like fun to me!

Bus loads of tubers disturbed the serenity of it all

Locks and cliffs near Harper's Ferry

Train bridge near Harper's Ferry

Train tunnel visible from towpath

Algae water in the C & O Canal

Fallen trees from storms not yet removed

Monocacy Aquaduct Crossing

Towpath and canal

Towpath and canal (bright green)

I rode across the Potomac on "White's Ferry"

6 weeks ago the buildings had 3 feet of water during a huge flood

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