Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Rock Springs to Farson Wyoming July 23-24

45.13 in 3:36 with Buddy.  July 23 was a travel day in the RV, as we left Cheyenne, and took I-80 back to Rock Springs, in western Wyoming. We settled in the same KOA that we stayed in before we went to Cheyenne. Buddy and I spent the evening walking on some dirt bike trails in the mountains behind the campground. There were a couple of dirt bikes riding up there, and they did some impressive, steep climbs while we watched. A couple of Jeeps went up the trails also. As we were walking back down near dark, we heard some animals way out there somewhere. We think it was a pack of coyotes, but since we haven't heard a pack of coyotes in the mountains before, we are not exactly sure.

Before we left the Terry Bison Ranch, Mike had to try his hand at riding one of the Bison!!  Yee Haw!

July 24----this was our first day back on the bikes, headed north on US191 toward Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons, our next destination. We headed through Rock Springs on some back roads, so we didn't have to ride on I-80. We didn't go exactly the way the map said, but we found our way onto 191, and only had to ride on unpaved roads for about four miles. 191 is a great road to ride on, smooth surface and nice shoulder, sparse traffic, and nothing, absolutely nothing, to look at for about 30 miles, except for sagebrush and fence lines. The road was mildly rolling, but after some of the climbs we have done, we flew through 45 miles and it felt effortless to me, thanks to a nice tailwind. I contemplated heading for Pinedale, another 60 miles down the road, but this was the farthest Budd has ever ridden on a bike, so he was okay with stopping at our intended campground. Pam had just pulled in to the place, so we called it a day.
It turns out Farson was a transfer for the pony express, which came through here, going from the Mississippi to Salt Lake City. That is their claim to fame. Brigham Young also came through. Brigham Young is similar to George Washington out east. If he came through a place, there is a plaque that says he slept here.  Mark Twain and Richard Burton also made the plaque in Farson. Farson is a farming community of about 330 people, so they really had to reach for something to be famous for.
We had lunch at a great little greasy spoon called Mitch's Cafe. Buddy had a pile of mashed potatoes and a huge chicken fried steak the size of the plate for 11 bucks. I love the little hole in the wall cafes that we trip across every once in a while.

Didn't think there were anymore of these left in the world!

After watching all of the bull riding and bareback bronc riding, Buddy tried his hand at breaking the wild dinosaur at the Sinclair gas station!

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